Chalk Paint™ Bathroom Vanities

Have you ever thought of using Chalk Paint™ for bathroom vanities or kitchen cabinets?  YES! You can Chalk Paint™ cabinets!It’s a user friendly product that requires little to no prep work and is great for furniture, accessories and cabinetry. Never heard of this amazing paint? Learn more here What is Chalk Paint™Here’s a fantastic look at how you can easily change the look of a piece without having to tear it out and start new. This tired old vanity was in much need of a makeover. The paint was chipping and showing watermarks and wear. Keep reading to see the transformation take place…Before Photo of Bathroom Vanity before we Chalk Paint™ cabinetsGet Started: Use painters tape on areas that you are not painting to protect them from paint. And clean with mild soap and water to remove any dirt or residue that might be on the surface like soap or toothpastePainting: The Chalk Paint™ colour we used is called Graphite, you see in the photo below one of our artists applying it with our favourite Medium Oval Brush designed by Annie Sloan (the creator of Chalk Paint™)Painting with Graphite colour and Annie Sloan Brush to Chalk Paint™ cabinetsThis brush is truly amazing, it holds so much paint! And the oval shape is perfect for getting into tight spaces as well as creating long linear strokes.[video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video]Paint on one coat everywhere. Leave it to dry and then paint on a second coat. You’ll know when it’s dry because it will look dry and feel dry to the touch. See the difference below between wet and dry paint.Wet vs Dry Chalk PaintPersonalize the look: Chalk Paint™ is so versatile, you can leave your paint solid for a modern look or take some sandpaper and wear away the edges to show the underneath surface. We used a sanding sponge to gently wear some of the paint away to give a slightly distressed or worn look. This gives character to the piece and dimension as all the edges now stand out.Wax Sealer: Applying a protective layer of paste wax helps to maintain the finish and protect it from splashes and scratches. Soft Wax is made for Chalk Paint™ and comes in 4 colours, Clear, White, Black and Dark (Brown). Brand new to this type of sealer? Get an in-depth look at how to apply it here: How To Use Annie Sloan Soft Wax Wax timeWaxing: Use a full stiff bristle brush to press the wax into the paint, on this vanity we used Dark Wax to deepen the paint colour with a dark brown overtone. We applied two layers of Dark Wax and hand buffed to give an even sheen. For a more in-depth look at waxing click here [video width="720" height="1278" mp4=""][/video]And here’s the final look, totally transformed in under 3 hours! What do you think? Leave your questions and feedback in the comments below.AfterThanks for checking out our Chalk Paint™ transformation. Visit our store in Calgary to shop for these great products and more. Not in town? We ship anywhere in Canada so shop our online store hereHappy Painting!