How to Mix Chalk Paint™ Colors

Annie Sloan’s line of products is constantly evolving and growing.  One of her most recent additions is the MixMat™. It’s a great tool for mixing new colors, creating color recipes, off loading and charging rollers, stamping and practicing stenciling.  We love using the MixMat™ in the Interiors to Inspire studio and would recommend it for those who love creating custom colors or want to experiment with new painting techniques.  The mat is made from a silicone-like material and easily holds paint on its surface without running or beading.  We often get asked how to make chocolate browns, deep purples, corals and many other colors.  There are lots of color recipes on line and we like to share as much information as we can.  However, often the coral I have in my head is different than the coral someone might be looking for.  We encourage you to come play with our MixMat™ at the PaintBar and find the color you've been dreaming of or take one home and continue the fun experimentation! You can buy a MixMat™ online here.If the talk of Chalk Paint™ in browns and purples was of interest there are some easy color combinations below.Brown can be created by mixing reds and greens, for instance, Emperor’s Silk and Antibes Green make a nice brown or Emperor’s Silk and Olive.  Graphite and Barcelona Orange also make a great chocolate brown. Purple can be created by mixing blue and red, for instance, Burgundy and Napoleonic Blue, or Emperor’s Silk and Greek Blue.And coral can be created by mixing red and yellow.  For instance, Emperor’s Silk and a little English Yellow make a vibrant coral.