The ITI Ultimate Gift Guide!

Not sure what to ask Santa for this Christmas?Need some ideas and inspiration for your wish list?Is there a DIYer, Upcycler, Furniture Painter, Mixed Media Artist or Hobbyist who you're shopping for?I've put together this handy Christmas Gift Guide with some of our team's favorite products that we use at our studio. Now if you're like me and can't decided what you want, because you want it all, then maybe an Interiors To Inspire Gift Certificate is what you're looking for. Available in any amount and can be used for in-store or online shoppers! I'd love to know what's on your list this year, comment below and tell us what products and tools you want to see under the tree!Christmas Gift GuideHere's a little info on each of the items on the list & what I love most about them, hopefully this will help you decided what you could use the most!

  1. Pour Spout Lid - Ideal for pouring out small amounts of paint at a time, keeps the mess to a minimum and fits snugly on the top of your Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan quart to keep your paint fresh.
  2. Buffing Cloth - After you have waxed your piece, use this soft textured rag to hand buff your surface. The more you rub the more of a shine you can bring to your piece.
  3. Sanding Sponge - This is 220 grit sand paper is on a sponge which makes it easier to hold on to and you can wash and reuse it several times.
  4. Lye Soap - Perfect for cleaning natural bristle brushes as it conditions as it cleans. Awesome for cleaning up your waxy wax brush.
  5. Heart Scrubbie - This cute little heart actually has a purpose, shaped so you can hold it in the palm of your hand and covered in little nubs so you can scrub your brush. It creates an amazing lather when washing brush.
  6. Knobs - So many to choose from, a perfect way to personalize your furniture and give it that special finishing touch. You'll have to come in to see them all!
  7. Stencil Brush Set - These flat-topped little brushes are ideal for pouncing on your paint to help prevent stencil bleed through. Three sizes so you can choose the one that fits your stencil best
  8. Paris Stencil - Trendy and small, perfect for furniture. Made from high quality materials, thick enough that you can wash and reuse many times. We also have a lot more stencils in stock so come check them out.
  9. Chalk Paint™ 4oz - Just enough for your small projects, great for mixing colours and comes in all the same 32 Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan colours we love!
  10. Gel Stain - Choose from popular Java or several other colours, this thick gel stain is awesome! Over top of sealed wood, raw wood, or painted finishes! Sweet!
  11. AE Paint Brush - Not too big, not too small, just right! Natural bristles that grip on to paint and round design that let you slip slap it on! Great for getting in small details and can be used as a wax brush too! Who knew?
  12. AE Plasters - Texture, texture, texture! Boring piece? Use these through a stencil, spread on thick or layered over your paint to create amazing chunky, textured and layered effects. So much fun!
  13. Annie's Books - In a digital age, sometimes a book is just nice to hold on to, flip through, and book mark your fav pages. Beautifully laid out, easy to read and full of inspiration.
  14. Christmas Gift Set - New! Who doesn't love to save a little with a bundle? Perfect for a newbie or for your Secret Santa gift. This tester sized gift pack comes with the 4 oz Chalk Paint™ colour you want, small clear or dark wax and a 2" brush.
  15. #8 Annie Brush - The best brush ever for smaller Chalk Paint™ projects! The shape is ideal for holding lots of paint, easy to use and cleans up easily! Once you try it you'll wonder what took you so long to get one!
  16. Metallic Gilding Wax - Gorgeous finishing touch, adds that extra little dimension and bling. As subtle or bold as you like it and comes in many different metallic hues.
  17. Craqueleur Set - Create that fine china crackle on top of your painted piece. One of the most beautiful crackle mediums I have used, it's a two-step process that is easy to do.
  18. Chalk Paint™ Quart - The top item on all of our lists, it's the staple and must have for your painted furniture and accessory projects. Not enough room here to tell you all about it so click here to learn more!
  19. #12 Annie Brush - Same as 15 on our list (The best brush ever for Chalk Paint™ projects) but just a little bigger. Bigger = holds more paint = finish your project faster!
  20. Hardcover Book - This is Annie's newest book, Room Recipes for Style and Color. Not only will this book fill your mind with ideas and inspiration, it'll look stylish on your coffee table too!

And there you have it, some amazing finds for every budget.Thanks for checking out my guide, I hope you share what's on your DIY Christmas Wish List in the comments below!Happy Holiday Shopping Everyone!Deanna