3 Reasons An #InstaWorthy Wall Will Boost Business

In an era where people regularly visit diners, exhibits, clothing stores and tourist destinations after first seeing them on Instagram - retail spaces, restaurants and even entire neighborhoods are being thoughtfully designed to encourage more interesting, photogenic and Instagramable experiences.

Maybe you’ve noticed restaurants are becoming lighter and brighter, are incorporating inviting photo-friendly background materials like limestone and concrete, and boast unforgettably charming bathrooms that might as well have #MirrorSelfie written all over them. Today, savvy business owners and designers are intentionally creating spaces that encourage customers to take great photos effortlessly to be shared to their social media.

The truth is, for most things to sell today, they have to be Instagramable.

Here are 3 reasons you need an #InstaWorthy wall in your business space.

1. To attract a demographic of shoppers increasingly investing in experiences over stuff

You may have heard millennials are investing in experiences over stuff. This is because great experiences are generally more meaningful to them than things are. Take for example, visiting a unique local taproom over buying beer at the liquor store, dining out at an inventive restaurant rather than buying groceries, or shopping at a local artisan market as a more interesting alternative to the mall.

Another primary reason that millennials are choosing to invest in interesting experiences over stuff? They can be documented, and ultimately, shared to social media.

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If there is not an interesting place for the consumer to have a meaningful experience shopping for their new shoes or getting ice cream, they are likely to opt for the convenience of ordering it on Amazon or SkipTheDishes to make more time for experiences that are meaningful to them.

To compete with the rise of the convenience-based economy, small businesses and eateries today are investing in creating more meaningful and shareable experiences. One of the simplest ways to do this is to create a beautiful space that customers will be inspired to spend time in, return to and most importantly photograph themselves at to let their friends know they were there.

Native Tounges Taqueria in Calgary is a wonderful example of this. They create beautiful and delicious Mexican Food that an Instagram “Places” search will return a nearly endless stream of photos of. Perhaps the most eye-catching and recognizable element of these photos is the custom feature wall photographed and shared by the Instagram user above - clearly #InstaWorthy. We created and applied this custom plaster finish in collaboration with Amanda Hamilton Design to invoke an authentic, fun and colorful vibe.

2. As a recognizable, brand-strengthening backdrop for your Instagram content

Is is so important for any brand to potently tell it’s story and interact with it’s ideal customers through beautiful, entertaining and educational content on Instagram. Simultaneously, it is becoming increasingly important that brands create a recognizable theme or aesthetic to stand out in the noise and make a stronger personal connection with their customer.

If you have struggled to create beautiful content consistently, or don’t have that recognizable brand look throughout your visuals just yet, one of the most effective and enticing ways you can achieve this is through creating a custom feature finish on a wall in your space!

Check out this screenshot we took of Barre West YYC’s Instagram page. One of the first things you will notice is the splash of maroon color throughout their feed in every few posts. This is done intentionally to create a consistent and recognizable aesthetic that their followers will associate with their brand, making them more memorable. This also simply makes their page look better, which encourages visitors to their account to spend more time viewing and engaging with their content.

In collaboration with de Graaf & Co., we created the bold, maroon plaster finish to inspire love, strength and passion in visitors to the barre studio and to be a brand enhancing backdrop for their visual content. Often photographed, The West Wall appears throughout their feed and has become a signature element of their brand’s aesthetic.

3. To supercharge your word-of-mouth referrals via Instagram

Have you ever walked into a space and immediately felt inclined to pull out your phone to capture photos of #InstaWorhy decor or wall art? Many consumers today aren’t just doing this habitually, but are consciously seeking out the most unique and visually appealing destinations to visit, dine and shop at specifically to capture a photo as a part of their experience.

Instagram influencers with significant and interactive followings are among those particularly invested in seeking out the best places to capture beautiful and original content for their profile. This is important to be aware of because these are people whose posts can be especially significant to getting the word out about your business. If your product is great, as well as aesthetically beautiful, influencers will literally seek it out like treasure and let their followers know about it. Below is an image shared by Canadian blogger, Sare at Brekkie in Calgary. We created the custom wall art seen in the background of the photo in collaboration with Amanda Hamilton Design.

High-profile influencers aren’t the only people who are going to take photos in your space! The murals we created in collaboration with Alykhan Veliji Designs at Foreign Concept, an Asian Fusion restaurant in Calgary are popular backdrops for group photos after dinner.

So there you have it! You are likely convinced by now that your business needs its own #InstaWorthy wall. Fortunately, a feature wall is one of the most customizable pieces of art that can be added to any space. Get ready to be Instagramable! We are excited to collaborate on your project!

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