Creating a Custom Decorative Textured Finish: The Process


Considering a custom decorative textured finish for your space? If so, you’re probably curious what it takes to create a unique and stunning texture from start to finish.

In this visual guide, we detail seven steps for moving from initial inspiration to a finished wall and a fabulous new space. Scroll through the steps below and let your imagination go to work on envisioning a custom texture in your own or your clients space.

Be sure to scroll to the end to see a time lapse video of this art being created on the wall in real time!


1. Create a Concept

When you visit us in our studio to talk about your finish, the first thing we will do is work together to dream up a concept and create a sample. We have many samples of past projects for you to view as reference and inspiration.

Through this process, we love taking the time to get to know you a little. What is your style? What colors and textures do you like? How do certain samples make you feel? How do you want to feel in your space? This is your opportunity to be bold and creative! Personalize your space. Make it your own!

For this project, the finish was proposed for a dining room wall - 8’ x 10’. The room featured navy, charcoal and dusty pink chairs, rose gold fixtures and cherry floors. Our client imagined their wall to feature an oversized piece of art with lots of depth and texture that brought together all the elements of the space, added some big personality and a bit of whimsy.


2. Make a Plan

As fun as it would be to step into your space for the first time and just freestyle a finish, we have learned from our years as artists the value of preparation.

It is so important to us that your ideas, expectations and honest critiques are communicated clearly and documented throughout the process and that you absolutely love your finish.

We thoroughly plan our colors, mixtures and layers so that when it comes time to make a splash in your space, the details have been sorted out and our creativity has space to thrive.

IMG_0031 2.JPG

3. Prepare The Space

With our custom created sample board and recipe in hand, we arrive on site feeling fully inspired and ready to go! When all surrounding surfaces are properly and thoroughly protected, the custom colors are mixed and an array of our favourite tools laid out. Then, we start to map the finish out on the wall and get into the fun part..


4. Get Messy

Time to let the paint and plaster fly! Laying on the first stroke of paint is beyond exciting, but understandably so, it can also be a little scary for some of our clients.

We often begin our finishes with some of the more dominant colors so if you happen to peek at your finish early in the process, it can be overwhelming and make you feel all the feels. Trust the process! From here, we continue to build and layer and blend the colors and textures and the custom piece begins to take shape and tell its story.


5. Get Your Feedback

We work closely with you throughout the process to be sure we create the atmosphere and look you desire. The benefit of a custom finish is that you can be involved in the entire process, right down to the finishing touches!


6. Final Touches

It’s all in the details!

A little extra color here, a little softening there, a splash of metallic, and.. voila!


7. Love Your Space!

Its finally time to admire your beautiful new finish, take photos, show it off to your friends and simply feel good and be inspired in your space. Enjoy!

It is so rewarding to work closely with our clients and designers to bring their visions to life. We sure are blessed to do what we do!

Feeling ready to create a custom finish in your space? We would love to hear about it share our magic to bring color and texture to your office, dining room or wherever you go to be inspired.

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