We Make Art

It's True, We Make Custom Art...

Interiors To Inspire is a group of Calgary based artists who collaborate on large scale custom art, sometimes on canvas and sometimes right on walls!

We specialize in mixed media visual art (artwork in which more than one medium or material has been used) with a focus on materials like paint, plaster, metallic paint, concrete, metallic leaf, etc.Photo Credit: https://www.substanceyyc.com/And since our style is easier to see than explain with words, here are a couple of examples of completed walls and art pieces...Left: 7070 DESIGN HEADQUARTERS. MIXED MEDIA FULL WALL INSTALLATION. PAINT, PLASTER, GOLD LEAFRight: COMMISSIONED ART PIECE. PAINT, METALLIC PAINT, PLASTERLeft: NATIVE TONGUES RESTAURANT. MIXED MEDIA FULL WALL INSTALLATION. PAINT, PLASTER, GLAZE Photo Credit: Janice Nicolay Right: ART PIECE (CONCEPT FOR WALL). PAINT, PLASTER & RUST EFFECT  Left: CALGARY RESIDENCE. MIXED MEDIA FULL WALL INSTALLATION. PAINT, PLASTER, GLAZE. Photo Credit : Joel Klassen PhotographyRight: ART PIECE (CONCEPT FOR WALL). PAINT AND PLASTERLeft: BREKKIE CAFE. MIXED MEDIA FULL WALL INSTALLATION. PAINT & PLASTER SHAPES.Right: ART PIECE (CONCEPT FOR WALL). PAINT & PLASTER SHAPES.We understand that a giant wall installation doesn't suit every space, and sometimes a large-scale art piece is more appropriate. That's why we create custom artwork for both residential and commercial spaces. Our Custom Art pieces are based on the style of our unique wall finishes and incorporate many of the same materials. Each piece is hand made just for you, no prints here! We work with you to turn your vision into an artistic reality. Contact us with your questions. Or stop by our studio in Calgary to take a look at our portfolio, we have actual art pieces on display that you can see in person & feel the textures because let's face it, everything looks better in person ;) Here are some photos of our recent Custom Art, scroll down to be inspired or to see more of our full wall installations click here .       We are always up for a good challenge, send us an inspiration photo and we can work to create something similar based on your colours, style and space. The possibilities are endless! We look forward to creating a custom piece just for you! Get in touch with the Interiors To Inspire Artists today by calling 403.243.7433 or drop us a line info@interiorstoinspire.com